What Does it Mean to be Human?

What does it mean to be human?

It means loving, laughing, crying, dancing, exploring, imagining, feeling, and sharing.

It means recognizing the beauty in every moment we experience, every breath we take, every hug we receive, and every person we meet. It means recognizing our power to create. Our power to build. Our power to overcome all obstacles that life may present. An obstacle is truly just a blessing in disguise. A lesson taught to us to ensure the steady the progression of lifelong development.

Be grateful for obstacles. Embrace all challenges. For you are a human being, and you are powerful beyond belief.

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Now we may have strayed away from our path. We may have become victims of circumstance. Failing hearts have made it harder to love. Weakened bodies have made it harder to explore. We’ve been told what to think so we no longer imagine. We’ve been presented with the bleak so we are filled with feelings of negativity.

Every street corner, every social media, and every television station presents us with what we should want. So we become blind to the most valuable things every person is blessed with. We’ve forgotten to share with the people who are most important. We’ve forgotten to cry with the people who care.

But every tragedy holds beauty, and as humans it is our duty to recognize our situation and embrace the challenges it presents because together we can do anything. We can sail across oceans. We can fly across nations. We can imagine things that never before existed and create inventions that change the world.

Together we can fight heart disease. Together we can fight diabetes. Together we can stand up to mental illness and decide we will not be defeated. Together we can do anything we set our mind to.

But it’ll take you, and it’ll take me.

Together, we can be kings.