Try the Cross-Legged Challenge!

There was a study in the European Journal of Cardiology that tested flexibility, balance, and strength. They called it the Cross-Legged Challenge.

We thought this was pretty cool.


So we're giving away 3 prizes for the best Cross-Legged Challenge videos!

Here are the rules, you must:

  1. Cross your legs
  2. Sit down
  3. Stand up

The best score is 10. You get 5 points on the way down, and 5 points on the way up.

There are a few things that deduct points.

  • Hand on the ground -1pt
  • Knee on the ground -1pt
  • Forearm on the ground -1pt
  • Hands on your knee -1pt
  • Using your shin for a boost -1pt

Can't get up? That's a score of zero.

More importantly, that's a signal that you need to start working on your flexibility, balance, and strength.

So what are the prizes?

  1. Most Creative Video - $200 Nike Gift Card
  2. Biggest Social Impact - New Fitbit Alta
  3. Random Winner - $100 Whole Foods Gift Card

Here's how to enter!

Record and post your Cross-Legged Challenge on Instagram and/or Facebook and tag @kingfitusa, and share it with your friends!

Don't forget to give us a follow and like our page.

Time to test your flexibility and strength!

I challenge you to take on the Cross-Legged Challenge.