Sleep & Diabetes

Did you know that sleep plays an important role in managing your blood sugar, reducing cravings, and improving exercise? Quality sleep is important!

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We all know that diet and exercise are important for managing diabetes, but Dr. Michael Breus says there’s another factor just as important in taking back your health. He says: “you can put almost anybody in a prediabetic state just by lessening the amount of sleep they have to 5 hours or less” and just about every other expert would tell you the same.

Dr. Gabriel Cousins adds that you "double the risk of diabetes when getting only 4 to 5 hours of sleep versus the recommended 7 to 8."

95% of people who get 6 hours or less show noticeable insulin resistance. And oversleeping on the weekend doesn't make up for it. The international journal of obesity showed that after only 3 nights of inconsistent sleep patterns could show spikes in insulin resistance and fat storage.

The later we stay up, the higher our cortisol goes and actually shrinks our muscles.

What's the easiest was to lower cortisol levels? Boost serotonin. What's the easiest way to boost serotonin? High calorie, high fat, high carb foods.

This would help explain why a 13-year study showed that those who gained the most weight were the ones who lost the most sleep.

Simply put if you want to make diet and exercising easy, and help reverse your diabetes, you need to make high-quality sleep a priority.

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