The Undefeated Mind

Tips on how to develop what Dr. Alex Lickerman calls a hardy, undefeated mind.

Below is a transcript you can use to follow the video with links to more information on the topic.

What is personality hardiness?

Dr. Alex Lickerman states "it is the capacity to survive and even thrive under difficult conditions, in fact, we don't suffer because we face obstacles we suffer because we don't believe we can overcome."

According to Dr. Alex Lickerman, even clinical depression is the result of feeling overwhelmed by a feeling of powerlessness.

What if we decided that the obstacle was a gift? A gift of development. An opportunity for us to become better human beings. An opportunity for us to get a small win.

You'd be surprised at the power of this perspective change. Instead of the world being against you, it is developing you. And by challenging you, it is actually working with you.

When the world is on your side you cannot be stopped.

Dr. Lickerman calls this the undefeated mind.

He states "this then, is what it means to possess an undefeated mind. Not just to rebound quickly from adversity, or, to face it calmly, without being pulled down by depression or anxiety, but also to get up day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, decade after decade, even over the course of an entire lifetime and attack the obstacles in front of us again and again until either they fall or we do."

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