The Western Diet, or: M.A.D.

The acronym for the Modern American Diet is M.A.D. for a reason. Let's talk about the connection between your diet, your health, and your mood.

Below is a transcript you can use to follow the video with links to more information on the topic.

Your food is playing a significant role in your emotional well-being. Well, your food is affecting your brain and your brain is affecting your well-being.

We're tired of people dieting to look good. It almost always leads to failure.

What if we practiced healthy eating so that we were happy more often?

In their book The Happiness Diet Dr. Drew Ramsey and Tyler Graham put it like this.

"Before we start changing your outlook on life to improve your emotional well-being. We want to make sure your eating behavior is the best that it can be so that the master regulator, the brain, is provided with what it needs to be strong, sharp, healthy, and happy."

They also stated that a large study recently published in the British Journal of Psychiatry found that eating processed foods, such as refined carbs sweets and processed meats, increased the rate of depression by 60%!

Eating a whole food diet, on the other hand, decreased that risk by 26%.

So what do we know about the Modern American Diet? Not only is it killing us by influencing the development of heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic illness, it is also stealing our happiness. That's a crime.

But don't food manufacturers care about us? Questionable.

One of the largest food processors in America is owned by tobacco companies, and they spend 10 billion dollars per year marketing these MAD foods to American children.

Interesting...the same foods stealing our happiness and killing us are being sold to our kids in the form of ketchup, kool aid, Lunchables, jello, cream cheese, hot dogs, mac n cheese, and other nutrient-less junk.

Graham and Ramsey state "in short, one study you are guaranteed never to see is one that shows that the Modern American Diet improves cognitive function, or that the Modern American diet deters depression, or that those whose diets rely on the Modern American Diet sugars and vegetable oils have lower rates of anxiety, dementia, or depression. The Modern American Diet is the hands-down loser when it comes to your mental, emotional, and physical well-being."

We care about you. So we thought you should know. If you're looking for happiness and health, health foods are the way to go.

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