DiabetesCare Membership

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* Please note, this membership is delivered 100% through Facebook Messenger. Please connect with us on Facebook if you haven't already. 

What do you get?

We start by changing WHEN you eat, not WHAT you eat. More time spent not eating gives the body more time without insulin in the blood. This is key to reversing insulin resistance.

We ask you for your glucose every morning and meals every evening to hold you accountable. This data helps you make smart adjustments that lead to fewer medications.

Our health team provides continuous feedback and suggestions based on your glucose readings. We will help you understand your numbers and when you are ready to decrease medications.

You get access to our team of telehealth doctors. Schedule a virtual visit, order an a1c test, adjust your prescription, all with your new online care team.

Choose from a variety of meal plans and recipes when you are ready to begin adjusting what you eat. We make it easy for you to eat the foods you enjoy while still reversing diabetes.

Get E-books and guides based on the leading science of motivation, inspiration, willpower, and more. Learn how to reach your goal of lowering medications.